Brian Fulton RMT

Brian Fulton RMT

Brian is an author and massage therapist who graduated from Alexandrian Institute’s Massage Therapy program in Hamilton with Honours in 1999. His practice is based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  He has a broad range of experience treating soft tissue pain and dysfunction. His post-graduate education includes Ergonomic Evaluation, Myofascial Release, British Sports Therapy Soft Tissue Release, Ultrasound Therapy Certification, Interferential Current Therapy Certification, and Level 2 Systemic Interactive Medicine.

His special training lies in the area of Soft Tissue Release, an advanced therapy originally used for treating sports injuries, but which is now used to treat many types of soft tissue injuries and pain. Brian has also focused on repetitive strain injury treatment and Ergonomics (the study of workplace set-up). This makes him well qualified to get you back in the game or back to work as soon as possible.

Lifetime learning is a passion for Brian. As well as a Massage Therapist, he is also a health educator, having conducted seminars and various aspects of wellness to professional and corporate groups.  Writing is another passion that he has pursued. For over ten years he was the staff heath columnist at the Dalhousie Peer Magazine. He is also the author of The Placebo Effect in Manual Therapy- Improving Clinical Outcomes. This book provides a framework for manual practitioners to understand and employ the many contextual factors that influence clinical outcomes. For more the book, click here.

Brian is also passionate about advancing the Massage Therapy profession. His past experience includes serving on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Massage Therapists Association. He continues to serve the OMTA as a member, supporting its efforts to advance and elevate the profession of Massage Therapy.



Massage Therapy Diploma (Honours)– Alexandrian Institute, Hamilton, ON



Director- Ontario Massage Therapist Association   2006- 2008

Secretary– Niagara Chapter of the Ontario Massage Therapist Association  2002 – 2006


Professional Memberships

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario


Continuing Education

Soft Tissue Release Certificate– British Sports Therapy (Stuart Taws)

Active Myofascial Release Certificate– Jenings Seminar Group

La Stone Therapy Certificate– LaStone Therapy Inc.

Interferential Current Therapy Certificate of Training- National Wellness Institute of Education

Therapeutic Ultrasound Certificate of Training- National Wellness Institute of Education

Ergonomic Evaluation Certification Program- Roy Matheson and Associates