The Clinic

The Clinic

Our Clinic is located at 5 Colbey Street in St. Catharines. The setup is very professional yet also very warm and inviting.  The clinic is an addition on to my home allowing for a separate space, with it’s own separate entrance, right off of the driveway as seen in this photo.

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                       Clinic Entrance


There is ample parking as I only treat one patient at a time. You are welcome to park in my driveway behind my car (because I’m not going anywhere during your treatment), or you can park in the alternate parking spot on the right hand side as seen in the photo below.

Parking available in the driveway or street


My office is cozy, but it it is large enough to allow for a few extra people in case someone is driving you. There is lots of literature to read in case you arrive early and a washroom is located directly off of the office.

               My cozy little office!


The treatment room, like the whole clinic is modern, warm and relaxing. You can stretch out on the table and leave the worries of the world behind for an hour while you are getting a rejuvenating massage, whether therapeutic, deep, or relaxing.

                   Treatment Room


As well as traditional manual therapy, we also offer Therapeutic Ultrasound  and Interferential Current Therapy. For more on these therapies click the link.

Our Electrotherapy Centre with Ultrasound and Interferential Current Therapy