Ergonomics 101

Ergonomics 101- Working Smart, Working Safe

2-Hour Seminar Presentation

The introduction of the computer into the workplace has led to many upper extremity problems such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, numbness and tingling in the fingers, tension headaches, neck pain, and a host of other problems.  The computer is not the only culprit though, so this presentation also covers sitting and standing workstations.  Once understood, ergonomic principles can be applied to virtually any situation.  This presentation will give you the tools you need to substantially reduce the risk of developing upper extremity problems at work and at home.

This presentation covers:

  • The basics of workplace ergonomics
  • Setting-up your workstation
  • Risk factors for repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • 10 things you should know about RSIs
  • Warning signs of RSIs
  • 22 ways to prevent RSIs
  • Essential elements of a Workplace Ergonomics Program
  • Posture and gravity
  • Stretching handouts for computer users
  • Ergonomics resources on the Internet
  • Resource listing of Reminder Stretchware for your computer